Grappling Peace

The Conference of the Birds: A Journey into Sufism

"like wind through outstretched fingers you will pass." The Conference of The Birds, written by the 12th Century Sufi poet, Farid Ud-Din Attar, tells the mystical story of the birds in search of a king. As the world's birds congregate, a hoopoe,... Continue Reading →

The Transience of Beauty

"Fixation is the way to death. Fluidity is the way to life." -Miyamoto Musashi The beauty of life lies in the transient. The butterfly's beauty, in its fluttering by. The sun's, in its setting. The flower's, in its blossom. An... Continue Reading →

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Can we confidently discount the existence of a sentient creator when we, ourselves are that very thing?

A Necessary Suffering

I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside! -Rumi The break down of any relationship is rough. It entails the removal of a loved... Continue Reading →

Concussion as Teacher

Death. For those who have had a concussion, or any brain injury for that matter, it goes without mentioning that it is one of the most debilitating experiences. For those who have never experienced such a sorry state, some of... Continue Reading →

Rumi: Master of Love

"We should split the sack of this culture and stick our heads out." If we were to crash land on a planet where the alien beings knew nothing of love - that is, to be completely devoid of ever feeling... Continue Reading →

Homage to a Great Man 

This post is an acknowledgement of the profound impact my grandfather has had on me. A man who has led an inspirational life. A righteous man. A kind man. A man who my aunt humorously describes as Clark Gable and... Continue Reading →

Cyprus: A forgotten Genocide

The Venetian walls of Nicosia, once used to keep out the Ottomans, now serve as an apt barrier between two divided communities - The Greek and Turkish speaking populations of Cyprus. The melting pot of racial ideology, foreign intervention and... Continue Reading →

A walk in Istanbul: Ottomans, terror and revolution

I landed at Ataturk Airport as dusk settled over the horizon of minarets. Making my way out of the gate I was greeted by my cousin whom I had not seen in some years. We made our way to the... Continue Reading →

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