‘Grappling Peace’ is a platform for the sharing of ideas. It is a culmination of conversations, information and deep thought transcribed for the sake of reading. The topics are wide and varied, reflective of the human mind. There is no set path for its future, away from the paved road this blog intends to tread the less trodden path, smelling the flowers and taking pleasure in the scenic views of life. Ultimately, the message is a positive one, a grappling with peace. A battle we all enter to own a life well lived. Featured here will be beautiful works which evoke the gentlest attributes of the soul. At the same time, this blog will endeavour to present radical thought, standing defiant in the face of all obstacles to peace within and without.
As we live, talk and become exposed to new ideas the perpetual growth will continue. This process will not always be easy and will often entail the death of a former self. However, the new incarnation standing before you in the mirror will appear familiar. For, the ideas in this blog will appeal to an innate part of our human nature, a part we all possess but move away from as the demands of modern living force us to deviate from the path of peace. This platform invites the human spirit back home. Only with full autonomy and free thought can we make a meaningful difference to the world around us.